The Best Soundbars for Samsung TV

One of the best ways to improve the sound of your TV is the attachment of a soundbar. This provides a high quality of sound, without the need for a home theatre setup. Therefore, here, we will help you with the best soundbars for Samsung TV at home.

What is Soundbars?

A soundbar is a speaker system that provides high-quality TV sound. Soundbars are better than the inbuilt speakers of TVs, and they are easy to set up.

They also do not take up a lot of space, so you do not have to worry about the thought of acquiring sophisticated instruments.
You can either connect them to your TV wirelessly or make use of an Audio Return Channel (ARC), through an HDMI port.

Newly manufactured Samsung TVs have at least one HDMI port. HDMI is the short form of High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is an instrument used to transmit audio and videos from one device to another.

However, in order to be able to use the ARC, you would need to ensure that both your TV and soundbars support it.

Also, in recent times, LED, OLED, and QLED TVs have evolved to now possess slim bodies. This makes it more difficult to incorporate speakers into them. This is another problem soundbars solve. They provide an alternative to the inbuilt speakers while improving sound quality. You can also add subwoofers to them to have a more pleasurable sound experience.

If you want to enjoy the feel of a battle scene in a movie or the melody of the presentation of a spoken word, soundbars are the best instruments to connect to your TV.

Best Soundbars for Samsung TV

The quality of sound Samsung TVs provide is not so good. There is a possibility that it alters your viewing experience. In order to prevent this, you can simply get a good soundbar and attach it to your TV. As mentioned earlier, soundbars are designed to improve your sound experience and give you “the cinema feel”.The Best Soundbar for Samsung TV

1. Samsung HW-Q950T

The Samsung HW-Q950T is a very great instrument for improving sound quality. Its soundstage is focused and is as wide as the bar. It has 9 channels, 4 up-firing channels, and 1 subwoofer channel. It has two HDMI ports and one audio port. It is designed to best fit QLED TVs.

It comes with Samsung wireless rear speakers which increase the reflection of sound all over the room, to give you a perfect audio experience. Its two surround speakers and the subwoofer are wireless.

It combines the sound effects of its up-firing, front and side speakers, and the speakers attached to the TV to give you the audio effects which you desire.

It has an Adaptive Sound feature that allows you to appreciate low volume sounds produced. This ensures that you do not miss out on any detail.

It also has an inbuilt voice assistant. In situations when you are unable to recollect the title of audio you intend to play, simply mention some lines from it. The system automatically picks up the details and plays that particular audio for you. Sounds great, right?

For games, the Samsung HW-Q950T provides all the details of the sounds produced. As soon as you connect it to your Samsung TV, it changes to Game mode automatically.

This device also gives room for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. This means you can play audios from your other devices, and even stream them online.

You do not have to go to the theater before you can enjoy the audio qualities that you desire, especially when you have the Samsung HW-Q950T connected to your Samsung TV.Best Samsung Soundbar


The SONOS BEAM GEN 2 is another amazing soundbar you can use with your Samsung TV. It is the best soundbar in its price range. It weighs about 2.8kg. It has a sleek design and a very slim body.

It supports Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos, and a host of other audio formats. It gives room for a Wi-Fi connection but unfortunately lacks Bluetooth connectivity.

Its voice control works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Alexa receives instructions from you and does exactly what you want it to do, without you having to touch the soundbar.

The SONOS BEAM GEN 2 provides free software updates for all users. This feature allows you to update and upgrade the device over time. It has an in-built AirPlay 2 feature that allows you to listen to YouTube audio.

Soundbars for Samsung TV


The Samsung HW-Q800A soundbar is another product of Samsung’s reactive soundbar designs. Its front, rear, and up-firing speakers work in synergy with the speakers of the TV to give you a very pleasant sound experience by immersing you in the beauty of every sound produced.

Its main body has a dimension of 980 by 60 by 115mm, while the subwoofer measures 210 by 403 by 403mm. It has two HDMI connections; one in, and the other out.

You can also feel the cinematic sound of the soundbar by connecting it with your TV through either your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It also comes with the Adaptive Sound feature as well as the Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) feature, both of which ensure the perfect delivery of sounds of all volumes to you in clear, audible forms.

However, the Samsung HW-Q800A soundbar may not work with some Samsung TVs. Some of its features also vary, depending on the model of your TV. Therefore, you should ensure that you confirm its compatibility with your TV model before making a purchase.

4. SONY HT-X8500

The SONY HT-X8500 soundbar is one of the soundbars that were not made by Samsung but can be used with Samsung TVs. It has a dimension of 890 by 64 by 94mm.

It comes with 3 speakers and 2.1 channels. It also has two HDMI connections and 1 optical line. It allows for USB connection, as well as Bluetooth connection.

The device supports both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X signals. These signals can either be transferred to it through the input part of HDMI or through the ear of the HDMI output. They immerse you in a 3-dimensional sound environment.

It does not give room for the addition of subwoofers and speakers, but it has dual in-built subwoofers to give you a wonderful sound experience. You do not need to get extra ones.

5. VIZIO SB3651-F6

The VIZIO SB3651-F6 soundbar is another great option for your Samsung TV. It contains control sensor buttons on its upper part.

It has three speakers which drive the center, right and left channels. In order for the various options to be clearly visible on it, it comes with 10 indicators.

It has a wireless subwoofer and two speakers. These speakers are of the surround type. In order to ensure maximal sound immersion, it supports Atmos Dolby and the DTS Virtual:X technology. Its sound pressure level is 101 decibels.

You can stream audio of great quality when your Wi-Fi is connected to it. It also works well with Google Assistant.

6. SONY HT-G700

The SONY HT-G700 is the most affordable soundbar with the Dolby Atmos feature for Samsung TVs. It comes with 3.1 channels which contributes to its overall sound quality. Its total output is 300W.

The spatial sound is amazing. It requires very little effort to set up and is a perfect fit for TVs that are at least 43 inches wide. Its small size makes it fit comfortably under 43-inch TVs, 55-inch TVs, and so on.

Its wireless subwoofer gives you the opportunity to place it in any part of the room you deem fit. It also removes the burden of having too many wires running around the room.

It supports HDMI technology with the inclusion of two HDMI ports. One of these ports is used for connecting the soundbar to your TV through the HDMI AR or the Ear connection. The other is used to connect it to a video source. The video is then transferred to your TV.

Even if your TV does not support Dolby Atmos, you can utilize the Dolby Atmos support included in the soundbar. The soundbar receives the audio from the source, decodes it, and sends it to your TV.

Factors to Consider When Buying Soundbars for Samsung TV 

At this point, I believe you now agree with me that soundbars are the best instruments you can use to improve the quality of sound TVs make. You have probably started nursing the plan to get one for your Samsung TV. That’s a bold step, and I congratulate you in advance for your decision.

However, there are some important factors you need to put in mind when making your purchase. The following are some of them.

1. The Number of Channels your Need

There are now various brands of soundbars available in the market. One of the things to put in mind before getting one is the number of speakers you intend to use with it.

For example, if you don’t require more than two speakers, a 2-channel soundbar will be sufficient for you.

2. HDMI Technology

The HDMI technology gives you the opportunity to connect your soundbar to your TV, although not all TVs support it. With HDMI, the sound produced doesn’t come out through the TV. Rather, it comes out through the soundbar.

Therefore, if you plan to use HDMI technology, you should put it in mind when buying a soundbar.

3. Wi-Fi Connectivity

Many soundbars make provision for Wi-Fi connectivity. This gives you the opportunity to use audio apps. You also have the opportunity to change speaker settings from anywhere in your house. If you would like to connect your soundbar to Wi-Fi, you should look out for one that supports Wi-Fi connectivity when making your purchase.

4. Subwoofer

A subwoofer is an instrument designed to amplify the frequency of loudspeakers. When combined with a soundbar, you experience a much better sound quality. Some devices have in-built subwoofers, while others need to be connected externally. If you have enough space in your room, it is advisable to get a large subwoofer to use with your soundbar, as it is better than an in-built one.

5. Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth allows you to connect your subwoofer to your other devices. It makes it possible to play audios from other devices and transfer audios to the speaker.

6. Inputs

When making your purchase, ensure that you look for those that have at least two inputs; a digital one and an analog one. With the analogue one, you can connect your soundbar to a TV, CD player, and so on.

I believe that at this point, you have become saturated with information about the best soundbars you can use with your Samsung TV. In case you have forgotten, the following are some of them: Samsung HW-Q950T, SONOS BEAM GEN 2, Samsung HW-Q800A, SONY HT-X8500, VIZIO SB3651-F6, SONY HT-G700, and a host of others.

However, you need to consider the following when making your purchase: the number of channels you desire, the HDMI technology, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, number of inputs available, subwoofer option, and so on. With this information available to you, I believe you would make the best decision for yourself, considering the pros and cons of each of the devices.

Good luck with your purchase!

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