Most Popular Hisense Multi Channel Home Theatre

Take your home theatre to another level with an Hisense multi channel home theatre, boosting incredible sound in a simple, compact design that drivers huge entertainment experience.

A home theatre provides an entertainment option suitable for watching TV and movies at home with a little extra excitement. For many, going to the local cinema has become a distant memory as they can stream relatively new movies and binge-watch TV shows in the comfort of their homes.

What a multichannel theatre does is, it  boasts multichannel surround sound compared to what a two channel theatre does. A two – channel sound gives a left and a right speaker effect, while multichannel surround sound adds a front center speaker between the front left and right speakers — plus two surround speakers for the sides of the room.

Having said that, let’s take a peep into the background of the Hisense Group.

Background to the Hisense Group

Hisense Group is a Chinese multinational white goods(a major appliance used for routine housekeeping tasks such as cooking, washing laundry or food preservation) and  electronics manufacturer headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. 

It was founded in 1969 and is also known as ”High sense Infotech” . The company  has publicly traded subsidiaries even though it  started by making radios, then gradually grew into making and manufacturing televisions and other household electronics and appliances. 

Hisense is popularly known as a result of their main products which is Televisions and they are the largest TV manufacturers in China by market share since 2004.

It retails products under several brand names, including Toshiba, Gorenje, Sharp which is typical of every daring and successful corporation. They have also been able to dominate new and already existing markets, enough to buy stakes and shares in the following companies;

  • GORENJE: Gorenje is one of the eight largest manufacturers of home appliances in Europe, with a continent-wide  market share of 4%. Hisense were able to acquire 100% shares of Gorenje in 2018 yet maintained brand so as to maintain and conquer the electronics market in Europe.
  • HISENSE-HITACHI: This is a brand of air conditioners, designed and manufactured by a joint venture between Hisense and Hitachi.
  • COMBINE: As the name implies, Hisense ”combines” with this company to majorly to produce ”No Frills” air conditioners and refrigerators. Combine branded products are made ridiculously cheap and affordable so that Chinese farmers can afford them. 

**Please note that a no frill product is one which the nonessential features have been removed in a bid to keep the price low. 

  • TOSHIBA: They are the biggest producers in all things electronics and Hisense bought 95% stake of the company after a $114 million deal was agreed. 
  • SHARP: Sharp is one of the big makers of TVs in North and South America. Hisense bought rights to use the Sharp brand on televisions in America.

Hisense is also an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) which means that they produce parts and equipment that are marketed by another manufacturer.

In more detail, what this means is that other brands in same industry as Hisense often come to them to demand some specific products that they want Hisense to produce or create for them. 

The products in this case, are built to the OEM specifications instead of from Hisense branded target market specifications. So this just goes to prove that Hisense usually comes up with better product design, tailored to the taste of the other brands needing them and the brands get to use their own brand names on the product too(That’s like a win-win situation for both parties).

Hisense Multi Channel Home Theatre

Products by Hisense

  1. Hisense Refrigerators
  2. Hisense Televisions
  3. Hisense Washers and Dryers
  4. Hisense Air Conditioners
  5. Hisense Chest freezers
  6. Hisense Split AC Inverter
  7. Hisense Microwave
  8. Hisense Multichannel channel home theatres
  9. HisenseSoundbars

Moving on from that, the focus of this post will be on the Hisense Multichannel Home Theatres.

Types of Hisense Multi Channel Home Theatre

Don’t deprive yourself of these Hisense home theatres will multi-channels.

Hisense Soundbar Home Theatre System 


  • Total power is 30watts
  •  Has Bluetooth compatibility
  •  40/50Hz frequency
  • 2 channel 
  •  Has both optical and audio input.

The Hisense 1-piece 30W sound bar home theatre system is the perfect audio solution to bring your music and movies to life. It features 2 channels, Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream music, an optical and audio input alongside an HDMI output with ARC.

The HDMI  ARC  or Audio Return Channel is actually one of the best yet least understood HDMi features. The feature enables you to simplify your system and is compatible with most TVs, receivers and soundbars.

Basically, the ARC uses an HDMI cable to send audio from a TV back to a receiver or soundbar. That means you can use a single cable for both audio and video, which actually saves you the stress of plenty wires. 

The Hisense Soundbar is also devoid of many wires and that comes in very handy as it allows for an easy hassle-free set up. 

You can use the remote control to operate the soundbar all from the comfort of your favourite couch and mount it on the wall to save space.

2. Hisense 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Home Theater System with Bluetooth (Model HS214) Black


  • Total output power is 108watts
  • Has built in Subwoofers
  • It is Bluetooth compatible
  • Wall mountable

The Hisense HS214 2.1 Channel Soundbar creates incredible sound in a compact and sleek form.

Low-end frequencies are not lost with a powerful built-in subwoofer that drives robust sound without taking up precious space in your room.

It is easy to place and connect to your television, thus, the Hisense soundbar improves your TV sound experience and is perfect for TVs 32 inches or larger.What it does is, instead of just hearing the scene, you’re transported into it and you can also, enjoy music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

With HDMI (ARC), the Hisense soundbar can connect to your TV through a single HDMI cable (included) and control both with one remote. You’ll be enjoying better TV sound in minutes.

As Roku TV Ready device, the Hisense Soundbar is fully compatible with any Roku TV through the HDMI (ARC) connection. You can even use the Roku TV remote to control both the TV and soundbar for easier setup and better navigation experience. Get the best audio performance from music, movies, and news.

  • Easy Connectivity-With HDMI (ARC), the Hisense HS214 can connect to your TV through a single HDMI cable (included), connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, and control both with one remote. You’ll be enjoying better TV sound in minutes.
  • Simple, Compact Design-The compact and elegant all-in-one design with built-in subwoofer will easily fit your living room, bedroom, or family room space. You won’t need to find a space for a big subwoofer and still get big sound.
  •  Quick Touch EQ Modes-Get the best audio performance from music, movies, and news with a simple touch of the remote with multiple preset EQ settings.
  • Accessories Included- Your home theatre comes with everything you need to get started. We’ve included an HDMI cable, optical cable, and a wall mounting kit to make sure that you have what you need to make the most of your Hisense audio experience right out of the box.

3.Hisense Bluetooth Sound Bar System – AUD HS214 – 80W


  • Has a soundbar
  • 2.1CH
  • HDMI
  • Bluetooth Optical Input
  • Total power output is 80watts
  • Comes with built in subwoofers
  • It is USB compatible.

This Hisense Audio Sound Bar AUD HS214 is a one-piece 80-watt soundbar home theatre system. The home theatre soundbar enables you to bring your music and movies to life.

It features 2.1 channels, Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to play music wirelessly, an Optical and Audio Input, and wall bracket, HDMI Output with ARC, and an easy, hassle-free setup.

Hear dynamic sound from two powerful 80W woofers.

The soundbar also has a remote which allows you to operate the soundbar from the comfort of your chair. It also comes with a wall-mounting kit so you can save space and set it up the way you want it.

This Home Theater will set you in a party mood anytime. The professional sound system with Remote Control is great for the home, entertainment centers, or for outdoor gatherings. This soundbar prides itself as an amazing sound system with a speaker that covers a wide range. It is affordable and durable and its black sleek design can fit into any decor effortlessly.

It also helps you eliminate the need for separate audio connections by simply using one HDMI cable to get your cinematic experience started.

Enjoy the convenience of streaming music wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled device.
Keep your older audio receivers that lack an HDMI port by using the Optical and Audio Input of the soundbar to pipe out a sound.

4. Hisense 2.1ch Bluetooth Audio


  • Sound Bar
  • 2.1 Channel
  • HDMI
  • Bluetooth
  • Optical Input
  • AUX
  • USB
  • 200 Watts
  • Subwoofer
  • Has a one year warranty
  • Has dolby digital.

With the Hisense Bluetooth Audio, it is easy to place and connect to your television, the  soundbar significantly improves your TV entertainment experience and is perfect for TV’s 32” or larger. Instead of just hearing the scene, you’re transported into it.

More so, a dedicated, wireless subwoofer delivers the robust low-end frequencies that punctuate your favorite movies, music, and games, without any messy wires. You’ll feel the “boom” while the two front-facing speakers project bright, clear high- and mid-range frequencies.

It also includes Bluetooth technology for easy wireless connections to smart devices, so you can enjoy music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hisense Multi Channel Home Theatre

The following should be considered when buying a home theatre system.


Before you buy a home theatre, you should be able to listen to several types of speakers and setups. For a five-channel setup, you need front-left/right, centre-channel and left/right surround speakers. Try to buy the same brand and related model speakers for your home theater to provide a better acoustical match between all components.

2.The Subwoofer

A subwoofer  is a specialized loudspeaker that reproduces the extreme low frequencies present in movies or music. The size of the room, and whether the room is carpeted or not, determines which subwoofer is right for you. Once you have your audio equipment, you’ll need to strategically position your subwoofers and speakers for them to perform maximally. 

3.Source Components

What good is a home theater if you can’t watch movies or listen to music, and to be able to do those, these are the components you need so here are a checklist of the source components you’ll need:

  • DVD player: If you’re going to get a stand-alone DVD player, make sure it comes with progressive scan and upscalingcapabilities to ensure you get the best possible image on an HDTV.
  • Blu-ray Disc player: A Blu-ray Disc player provides access to true high-definition source content. You can also use it to play standard DVDs and audio CDs.
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc player: If you have a 4K Ultra HD TV, another source component option that you should consider is an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc player. When playing Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, these players provide a true-4K resolution for display on an Ultra HD TV. All Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc players play standard Blu-rays and DVDs and provide 4K upscaling.
  • Antenna/cable/satellite: You need to decide how you will receive your primary TV programming. If you opt to subscribe to a cable or satellite service, consider combining that service with a DVR.
  • Internet streaming device: If you have high-speed internet access, you can watch movies online using a  media streamer like the Roku. An increasing number of Blu-ray Disc players and smart TVs can connect to the internet and stream video content from popular services like Netflix.                                   

4.Connection Cables and Speaker Wire

 You can’t have a home theater system unless everything is connected. Each cable must be the right type and length. If connections are color-coded, make sure the colors on the cable ends match the connections on your components.

  • For speaker wire, the gauge can be a factor, depending on the distance between the speakers and the amplifier or AV receiver. It’s best to use 16 or 14 gauge speaker wire; 18 gauge is very thin and should not be used for longer distances.              

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