Best Choice LG Multi Channel Home Theatre

With LG products, life is indeed good, as the range of electronic products manufactured by this all – time multinational indeed makes life good. But you know what’s even better?  with LG Multi Channel Home Theatres? Life is even better.

Now, just for a second, imagine a world without the  needful electronic appliances we have,  like refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions,  microwaves, gas cookers and all the rest(we will discuss them better as we get going in this post). 

How would life have been without these necessary home appliances. I think i’ll just coin a counter slogan and say ”without LG, life’s bad because  life would have actually been hard. 

Where will we all get the liberty of time to be preparing fresh meals everyday, when you have a 9 to 5 that sometimes could extend to a 7 and all of that.

How  the microwaves as well just allows you get your food warmed up on -the-go, even while they are still packed, as opposed to the basic warming via a fire. LG indeed makes life good with the solutions they provide which are  their ”life – bettering” electronic products, with one of it being the Multi-Channel Home Theatres, which will be our focus for today. 

What can beat an home theatre that offers you an enhanced entertainment experience while also being  compatible with iPods and iphones.

One that comes with  an AM/FM tuner so you can even tune into your favourite radio stations and stay abreast of events and news( a very useful feature, considering that radio sets have now become obsolete).

The LG Multi-Channel Home Theatres also allows you upscale standard DVDs, that makes image quality exceptional  through 1080p up-scaling via an HDMI output.

They go further to provide an optimal home entertainment experience where you have less distortion, clearer and immersive 3D surround  sound  that will envelope you from almost every angle. In fact, their crystal clear audio is  very unlike anything you have heard before. 

From its sleek and stylish designs with Smart TV technology and wireless speakers, to the latest 3D and Blu – ray devices available. LG offers advanced televisions and home theatre systems designed to transform your favourite entertainment from just an ordinary show to a cinematic highlight, that makes you more immersed in the experience.

LG Multi Channel Home Theatre

LG Electronics Background

LG Electronics has made itself an industry leader through  decades of consistent technical advances. It is a  core company of South Korean conglomerate LG Group, alongside LG Chem and was founded in 1958 by In-  Hwoi Koo.

Before LG Electronics Incorporated, its original name was The Lucky Chemical Industrial Corporation as it was the first Korean company to enter plastic industry in 1952.

In the course of expanding its plastic business, the company moved into electronics with a brand new name in 1958.

The company engages in the manufacturing of display devices, home appliances, multimedia goods, electronic parts and also develops softwares. It operates through the following business areas: 

  1. Home Entertainment
  2. Mobile Communications
  3. Home Appliances
  4. Air – Conditioning
  5. Energy Solutions and 
  6. Independent Business Area.

The Home Entertainment business aspect provides products such a television, monitors,personal computers, car infotainment, home theatres. 

The Mobile Communications Business area offers products such as  handsets and tablets. 

The Home Appliances provides refrigerators, washing machines,  cooking, cleaning and health alliances. 

The Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions business area manufacturers products such as Light Emitting Diode commonly known as (LED) lightings, residential and system conditioners air conditioners.

The Independent Business Area provides products such as compressors, storage devices, PC, telematics and solar cell

Since inception, LG Electronics has led the country’s electronic industry from its early days as the first producer of radios, TVs and other appliances. Now, it is the second largest electronic maker in the world of Electronics and the third largest in the world of Mobile phones. 

LG continues to pursue its 21st century vision of becoming a worldwide leader in digital that ensures customer satisfaction through innovative products and superior service. In a nutshell, their range of electronic products are listed below;

  1. LG Microwaves.
  2. LG Televisions(there are of different  varieties). 
  3. LG Refrigerators.
  4. LG Washers and  Dryers
  5. LG Air Conditioners
  6. LG Freezers
  7. LG Gas Cookers
  8. LG Styler
  9. LG Ceiling fans
  10. LG Multi Channel Home Theatres.

Models of LG Multi-Channel Home Theatres Available. 

LG Multi-Channel home theatres are available from 2.0 model to 5.2 and this is what muti-channel systems are basically about because they come with more than one speaker and the higher the model number, the more number of speaker it comes with. 

Of course, you know that the more the number of speakers, the more thrilling and satisfying entertainment it offers. This is what makes multi – channel home theatres thick. 

Some Incredidle LG Multi Channel Home Theatres

First of all, let us get to know what to expect in the box of our LG home theatre. So here’s what you should expect:

  • Front and rear speakers with built-in vertical speakers.
  • Central channel with acoustics and subwoofer speakers.
  • System control unit with player and amplifiers
  • And additional unit for the rear channels.
  • Connecting, network cables and remote control.
  • Some models come with Karaoke, so a microphone is included.

1. LG LHD647 Bluetooth  Home Theatre Sound System:

This home theatre is designed with just the kind of features you could ever want in a sound system as it is designed with a sound output of 1000W and an excellent bass system that could pretty much be likened to an earthquake. 

Features Outlined.

  • Comes with a Bluetooth network
  • Speaker power is 1000W
  • Mixed speakers
  • AV/Composite connection
  • Has a convenient and stylish sound
  • Easy to setup
  • 5.1 CH surround sound
  • FM tuner for your radio – time.
  • USB direct recording
  • Bass blast subwoofer
  • 1080p Up-scaling
  • Compatible with HDMI cable
  • 2 Mic ports
  • Compatible with multiple formats.
  • Has a 2 – year warranty

Wireless connectivity: The LG LHD647 home theatre supports Bluetooth connectivity that enables you to stream all your favourite contents directly to the home theatre even without a cable. 

Bass Blast Subwoofer: This is what allows you to enjoy your music or show as you should, as it gives you the complete experience of whatever is playing. 

1000W 5.1 CH System: A 1000W total power output guarantees you a surround sound that is evenly spread around the room. 

2. LG DH7530TW DVD Home Theatre:

This is a very powerful home theatre with rear speakers, Bluetooth,  HDMI input composite. Has 1200W total power output through a 5.1 channel 2-way speaker system. 

Features Outlined

  • 1200W speaker power
  • Karaoke function
  • Blu-ray/DVD player
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 4 tall boys speaker and woofer
  • Compatible with iPods, iphones ams IPads.
  • USB enabled

1200W Speaker Power: With a speaker power of 1200W, you can just imagine what the rumbling sound will be like, in depth and quality.

Karaoke Function: This, just like your real-life Karoake allows you to sing as a music superstar(that you might never be to the rest of the world) in the comfort of your home, while your home theatre plays the beat of your choice. I guess it’s safe to say that the home theatre is supporting your course.

Blu-ray/DVD player: These two work together as the Blu-ray, majority of the time, works to provide you with a better picture quality than what the DVD does.

3.LG LHB 3D TV Blu-ray Smart Wi-Fi Home Theatre System:

The LHB 3D TV possesses a 5.1 channel sound output, specifically designed to give life to your  shows in a new dimension.

Features Outlined

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 5.1 channel speaker unit output
  • 4 Audio Speakers
  • Can connect to Wi-Fi
  • Direct entry to online content
  • Aramid fiber speaker unit. 

The Bluetooth of course, allows you link up to your mobile devices and play music or videos directly from your playlist. This actually makes streaming easy as compared to using a cable.

The Aramid manufactured fibers filters out irrelevant high pitch and sound that may cause discomfort, thereby bringing you just the kind of quality sound you want to hear. 

4. 1000W4.2 Home Theatre System, Dual Subwoofers, AUX IN USB DIRECT RECORDING.

 Features Outlined

  • DVD/CD playback
  • Bluetooth standby
  • Space saving installation
  • Wireless sound streaming from LG TVs
  • Dual subwoofers built – in
  • 1000W 4.2Ch. Home theatre
  • 2 – year warranty

The dual subwoofers integrated into it gives more power to the bass tones, creating ground rumbling sounds. Then when watching a movie, the 4.2 channel creates a rich surround sound that leaves you feeling at the centre of the scene. 

More so, the engineered wood gives the speaker a high quality look that will of course add some touch of class to the overall decor in your space. 

The 4.2 channel home theatre  is quite compact, you can be rest assured that it will not consume more space than necessary. Plus, the speakers are made simple with no complicated instructions for ease of navigation.

I particularly love the standby Bluetooth feature as it gives  no stress, no hassle.  All you need  to do is tap into your music App, the standby Bluetooth gets your music rolling automatically and seamlessly. So your music is ready, whenever you are.

5.LG LHD675 1000W 4.2 Home Theatre System – DVD and Bluetooth

  • 1000W 4.2 channel home theatre
  • Blu-ray and DVD player
  • 2 built – in subwoofers
  • Saves space
  • Simple installation guide
  • Standby Bluetooth system
  • Booming bass boost

The LHD675 has a very simple look that makes it suit into your space perfectly and less complicated to setup as well.

What’s more exciting, the standby Bluetooth feature it offers just comes alive anytime you want it to and connecting your phone to other media devices and listening to music wirelessly got no better than this.

The home theatre also has a ground – shaking channel surround subwoofer speakers that creates pleasurable sound when watching your favourite shows or anything at all.

Pros of the LG Multi Channel Home Theatres

  1. The high quality sound and image allows you to feel the effect of presence when watching programs.
  2. You can at your discretion, adjust the volume and also the  clarity of the image using the remote control without having to leave your seat. That’s convenience.
  3. The reproduction of sound directly depends on the size of the room. Then, with its acoustics, you can enhance effects and achieve the effect of presence in the frame.

Cons of the LG Home Theatre

  1. The first disadvantage with it is that installation is quite tricky, so not every user will be able to correctly configure its complex equipment. Well, in such an event, you might need to hire an expert. Once an experts gets it setup and rolling, the system will work flawlessly without any issues. 
  2. Some of the home theatres can have many wires and that can make viewing and your home theatre area not very appealing. So you would want to appropriately plan on how to keep those wires as hidden and stashed away as possible.

How to Know a Fake LG Products

It goes without saying, when there is an original, there is also very likely to be a fake, disguising as an original and it can be really painful to use your hard earned money and buy a fake product that will not stop giving you problems. 

It is to this effect, that we have gathered some useful tips that will help you identify a fake LG home theatre and of course, steer clear from buying it. So here you go;

  1. Products that have a ”Super LG” logo on them are  a fake product because Super LG products are not from LG Electronics.
  2. If they have a switch at the back, that’s also a fake product. Original LG products come with only a standby power switch at the front of the device or appliance.
  3. LG DVD and Blu-ray players usually have only one type of power supply. Either AC or DC but never a combination of both.
  4. If the LG logo is imprinted on the top cover of the DVD, then that’s a fake one.
  5. If the logo reads ”LGT” and not the trademark ”LG’, that’s fake. You can even call it a photocopy  because original LGs carry LG logos and nothing more pretentious.
  6. You should also know that GLD has nothing to do with LG. It is not a subsidiary of LG or anything of sorts. Don’t let them confuse you. 

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